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How can I view documents from an MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice?

NOTE: This page describes the 'old' procedure used in the pilot in the 2021/2022 academic year.
The procedure for the new process that starts for theses/research practices starting from August 2022 is very similar, except that the learning agreement is not a document as such and therefore not shown in 'Documents' but only visible in the 'Case' itself.

Secretariats do not have an active role in a case process for MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice in Osiris.

A case process has the following steps:

  • The student starts a case process for MSc Thesis/Research Practice (mandatory for students starting from 15 November 2022; Internship follows mid-January 2023) after a starting interview with the WUR supervisor has taken place.  For more information, see: (New Procedure) MSc Thesis, Internship & Research Practice
  • The student completes the learning agreement in the case process, and the supervisor (supervisor) approves it (sometimes after revisions to be made by the student)
  • The supervisor ticks GO or NO GO after the progress evaluation
  • The student uploads the (draft) thesis and reflection report himself/herself
  • The supervisor and examiner enter the assessment in Osiris Lecturer (no longer in separate Excel forms but in the case process itself). Osiris then produces an average, and the examiner can choose to adopt this or adjust it.
  • The supervisor also fills in the provision percentage ("verzorgingspercentage") if several chair groups are involved. A secretariat can always change it afterwards if necessary (until 1 September).

Even if a secretariat has an "Administrative Support" role, the secretariat cannot work in Case Processes.

However, a secretariat can follow case processes in Osiris Basis and view documents.

This manual describes how to view in Osiris Basis documents belonging to a case process for MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice.

Start screen

1. Go to Student > Student > Documents
or fill in the menu bar go to menu "2240" and press enter

2. Click Search

3. Click on the black arrow so the overview becomes more visible

4. Click on the document listed under Filename and you will open, for example, a final report or an internship contract or a learning agreement

Tips Documents


5. Click the filter button. A line of empty fields appears above the row of field names. You can use this to filter the table based on any column you want.

Example: You want to see all case processes that supervisor X supervises. Put the name X above field name "internal supervisor" and press enter. You will now only see the case processes of supervisor X.

NB. If you empty the filter field again and press enter, you will see the total overview again.


6. Move your mouse over the grey field names. At each field 2 small arrows will become visible. Click on the arrows of the column that you want to sort by

If you want to sort on multiple fields then it is better to proceed as follows.

7. Click on View > Sort > Advanced

8. Select which fields (up to 3) the summary should be sorted by and whether the sorting should be Ascending or Descending

9. Click Ok

The overview is now sorted as you entered.

Excel file or download Export

10. Click on the Excel icon to download the summary as an Excel file

NB. Please make sure that the file is saved in an AVG safe location

11. Click on the Export icon

12. Enter whether you want to export only selected rows or all rows, and whether you want to create a new view or prefer one of the other options

13. Click on Next

14. Click on the pluses for Student and Student - Education and Student - Registrations to unfold available fields

15. Click on a field you want in your export (overview), click on the green arrow and that field will appear in the Selected box. Repeat this until you have all the fields you want

16. These green arrows allow you to change the order of your fields

17. Click on Execute

An Excel sheet with your selected fields will be downloaded. Save this in an AVG secure location.


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