How to find a course in Osiris Basis?

A lot of the actions in Osiris can be performed within in the basic screen of a course.

This manual describes how to find a course in Osiris Basis.

Start screen

1. Click on Student > Enrol Education > Course
or fill in the menu bar go to menu “2.4” in and press enter

Search the course

2. If you know the course code, enter the course code in the field Course in the box Search, and go to step 8

NB. The current Academic year is pre-filled by Osiris. The Academic year 2020-2021 is denoted as 2020.

3. If you don’t know the course code, click on the magnifying glass
or fill by Course the three-letter course code (chair group abbreviation) and % in and press enter

TIP: Use the %-sign!

The %-sign is a so-called 'wildcard' which you can use as follows:

  • All course codes of your chair group: enter "XXX%" (eg NEM%) at course and click Search
    • In a specific period: complete the search with a period behind Block
  • All courses to which you have access: enter "%" at Course and click Search
  • Search for all thesis codes of the chair group: enter "XXX8%" and click on Search
    • Same, but for Internships and Research Practices: use "XXX7%" and click Search
  • Not exactly sure about the code, but remember it starts with 3-? Search by XXX3%

4. For Value, fill in the three letter chair group code (for example NEM)
or for Description, fill in (the first part of) the course name

5. Click on SEARCH 
or press enter

NOTEOsiris refines the selection and will only show courses with the same three letter code.

TIP: The courses that appear beneath the heading Value or Description can be sorted in alphabetical order by using the arrows (these are not automatically visible, but appear when hovering with the mouse over the headings Value or Description).

6. Select the course

NB. Sometimes several courses with the same course code appear. It does not matter which one you select. When clicking Search at step 8, the correct course will appear. 

7. Click OK

Select the course

NOTE: The course code you searched in step 3 till 7 appears in the search field Course.

8. Click on Search

NOTE: The selected course now appears on the right side of the page beneath Find course and starting block.

9. Click on the course with the correct starting block, the bar will become green

10 Click on the black arrow before the course code

The menu for this course appears and you are directly on Course enrolment.

11. Click in the menu on the left side on the action you want to perform

12. If you entered the wrong course code and you want to go back one step, click on Back to overview

13. If you have the correct course code, but the wrong block (period), you can browse to the correct period, by clicking on the white arrow


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