How to enrol a student in a course - via course search?

This manual describes how to add an individual student or multiple students at the same time to a list of participants. Furthermore, it is described how to enrol students who want to take more than 15 ECTS in a period

Usually students register for a course themselves, but sometimes they don't, or they cannot enrol themselves as for some courses this is not possible (e.g. BSc thesis).

  • What to do if the registration deadline has already been passed: only after approval from the course coordinator, the secretariat (or a course coordinator with Osiris Basic rights) can still enrol a student who has not registered. The advantage is that the student will then automatically have access to the Brightspace environment of this course and ANS (in case of digital exams).
  • What to do if the student wants to take more than 15 ECTS of courses in a period: students can enrol themselves for a maximum of 15 ECTS and can request for enrolment of another course! If a student requests enrolment, provided it is done before the deadline for course registration, this request MUST be honoured!!!

More information on rules regarding enrolment and dis-enrolment? Read Rules, guidelines, deadlines, common problems regarding (dis-)enrolment

The Education and Examination Regulations 2023-2024 clearly states that students should always be allowed by the course coordinator to enrol for the course. The coordinator should not refuse such a request. Of course, this only applies when the request was done prior to the course registration deadline for that period.

Enrolment of a single student

Start screen

1. Click Student > Enrol Education > Course
or enter in menu bar go to menu “2.4” and press enter

Select the course

2. Enter the course code in the Course search field
or search for a course via the magnifying glass under Course. For detailed intermediate steps,
How to find a course in Osiris Basis?, Steps 3 up to and including 7

NB. The correct academic year has already been entered

3. Click on Search

4. Click on the arrow in front of the course code of the course. Make sure to select the correct starting block

Select the student

5. Click on Course - Enrol in the left block EN.B. Enrolling for the course implies enrolling for both the course and test!
6. Do you know the student number? Then click on the green plus at Select the students you want to enrol, enter the student number in the empty field that just appeared and go to step 14
7. Don't you know the student number? Click on the double green plus under Select the students you want to enrol. Want to enroll multiple students at the same time? Open the item below.

Enrolment of multiple students at the same time

8. Click on the double green plus sign under heading Select the students you want to enrol

9. Enter the student numbers or copy and paste them from, for example, an Excel file, in the Enter student numbers block, and click on OK

NOTE: All selected student numbers appear consecutively at Student Number in the Search block

10. In the screen that now appears, enter searches that allow you to find the student

TIPUse Advanced Search if you need more search criteria

NOTE: By default Student is active? on Yes. This means that Osiris only searches for students with a valid enrolment in a study program at the university. So leave this so that you can be sure that you only enrol students who actually have a valid enrolment at the university!

11. Click on Search

12. Click on the appropriate student that appeared based on your search under Select Students

13. Click on Add

Enrolment of the student

14. Check if you have selected the right student here (green shading)

NOTE: All components / teaching methods that the course has and for which the student must be registered are already checked.
NOTE: You will also see the current number of registered participants here (you can use this number as a double check at the end).

15. Click on Enrol

NOTE: At the top of the screen, a notification is given that the action has been successfully completed. You also see that the number of participants in your course and your exam has increased with one student. The student will receive an automatically generated email stating that he/she is registered for the course and the exam.

Enrolment of a student who wants to take more than 15 ECTS in a period

First the checks have to be removed before the student can be enroled.

16. Click on Checks

17. Remove the number after Maximum number of course enrolments per block

NB. Make sure that this field is empty, and do not put 0 (then your enrolment will still not work)

18. Click on OK

19. Click on Enrol

NOTE: At the top of the screen, a notification is given that the action has been successfully completed. The student will now automatically receive a confirmation email of the enrolment for this course.


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