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How do I enter the provision percentages for a Thesis/Internship/Research Practice student?

This manual describes how you can change or register the provision percentages for an MSc thesis/Internship/Research Practice.

From the academic year 2023-2024 onward, all MSc-Thesis/Internship/Research Practice (TIR)  must be registered via a OSIRIS-case process. With the introduction of the case process, the secretariat no longer needs to record the provision percentages. The supervisor fills in these provision percentages, even if several chair groups are involved.

If the supervisor makes a mistake (e.g. wrong percentages or even a wrong chair group), the secretariat can change the provision percentages (note that this should be done ultimately at 31 August).

The procedure below also applies to students for whom the grade and assessment has been registered through the TIR emergency procedure.

For BSc theses in which multiple chair groups are involved, the procedure described below is also valid.

For other chair groups, than the chair group of the TIR code, who were involved in this MSc thesis/Internship/Research Practice it is not possible to check the provision percentages in Osiris. The only way to verify is via WBI.

Start screen

1. Click on Student > Grades > Individual > Final grades
or type in "go to menu" "2.1.67" in and click on enter

2. Type in the name or student number

3. Click on Search

4. Click on the black arrow for student number

TIP If the student is already graduated, you can only find him when you set the option Student active? on No

5. Select the thesis, internship or research practice for which you want to change the provision percentage

6. Under the overview of Final grades, you will see the tab Provision percentages

7. Click on ACTIONS

8. To add a chair group choose "Add provision task". To make changes choose "Remove provision task"


9. Enter the chair group code in the pop-up window
or use the magnifying glass to search for the chair group

10. Click on Add

N.B.: Repeat this until you have added all the relevant chair groups

11. Enter the correct percentage per chair group

12. Click on Save
The grey status bar confirms that the percentages have been entered successfully and you are done.

TIP. Send a printscreen of the entered provision percentages to the other chair groups, so they know the education fee has been arranged. They can only verify via WBI, when authorised for WBI.