How to disenrol a student from an exam - via course search?

While taking a course, students can decide (for whatever reason) that they don't want to take the course's test. They can disenrol for this until halfway through the period. After that, they have no right to be deregistered from the exam!

ATTENTION, students can disenrol for a test until halfway through the period THEMSELVES. The secretariat can also deregister the student, but only if the following two conditions are met:

1. The student disenrols before the middle of the period (i.e. before Monday week 5 (period 1, 2, 5, 6) or before Monday week 3 (period 3, 4));
2. the student has not yet completed a part of the official assessment (e.g. by submitting a report or completing a practical).

If one of these conditions is NOT met, the student has to get a NOGRADE or INCOMPL result. See below.

Why is this important?
If one of the two conditions is not met (so the student reports later than before the half of the period or has already completed part of the assessment), the student has demonstrably received education. In that case, a situation may arise that is contrary to the legislation regarding the "Harde Knip". This can have negative consequences for the student, as well as the university.

Read more in: Rules, guidelines, deadlines, common problems regarding (dis-)enrollment

The only exception to disenrol the student is to re-enrol the student immediately afterwards: in that way you can activate requested facilities for the student: How to activate a facility for a student? (after Apr. 2021)

Why is this important?
If any of these conditions are not met, the student has demonstrably received education. In that case he may no longer be disenrolled, because this is contrary to the legislation regarding the "Harde Knip" (BSc before completing MSc).

When demonstrable education has been taken by the student (see definition above) you must enter a NOGRADE or INCOMPL and the student may therefore not be disenrolled for the course or exam. If the student has not yet completed compulsory components (e.g. completed an assignment or the practical), or has obtained partial marks, the student will receive NOGRADE (no LSG compensation). In other cases, an INCOMPL (with compensation LSG) must be entered as a result (see also: How to use result grade codes?)

Disenrolment from a course can only be done in Osiris Basis, of course in agreement with the course coordinator.

Read more in: Rules, guidelines, deadlines, common problems regarding (dis-)enrolment

Start screen

1. Click on Student > Enrol Education > Course
or enter in menu bar go to menu “2.4” and press enter

Select the course

2. Enter the course code in the Course search field
or search for a course through the magnifying glass at Course. For detailed intermediate steps, follow “How do I find my course in Osiris Basis?”, Steps 3 to 7

NB. The current academic year is pre-filled by Osiris.

3. Click on Search

4. Click on the correct Starting block, the bar becomes green. Click on the black arrow in front of the course code

Search the student

5. Click on Test - Disenrol

6. Do you know the student number? Click on the green plus at Select the students you want to disenrol. Enter the student number in the empty field that just appeared and go to step 12

7. Don't you know the student number? Click on the double green plus sign under Select the students you want to disenrol

8. In the screen that now appears, enter searches that allow you to find the student

TIP: Use Advanced Search if you need more search criteria.
NOTE: By default Student active? on Yes. This means that Osiris only searches for students with a valid enrollment in a study program at the university. When you disenrol someone for your exam, who has disenrolled from such a study program, it is therefore possible that you will not find this (former) student until your Student active? is set to No, or this field is left empty.

9. Click on Search

10. Click on the appropriate student that appeared under Select Students based on your search

11. Click on Add (This may sound contradictory, but this will add students to your selection list. Only if they are on your selection list, you can disenrol them.)

Disenrol the student

Final check: are you sure this student is eligible to be disenroled? See the warning at the top of the page or in: Rules, guidelines, deadlines, common problems regarding (dis-)enrollment

12. Check if you have selected the right student here (green shading)

13. Tick the exam for which you want to disenrol the student

NOTE: You will also see the current number of enroled participants here (you can use this number at the end as an extra check)

14. Click on Disenrol

NOTE: In the grey notification bar, a notice is given that the action has been successfully executed. You also see that the number of participants in your exam has decreased with one student. The student will receive an automatically generated confirmation email of disenrolment of the exam.