What has changed compared to AIR?

New Student numbers

Because the old registration numbers contained personal data (date of birth) and were too long for use in Osiris, all students have received a new student number that replaces the old registration number.

If you have a (partial) grade archive that you are still working with, based on the old registration numbers, you can find a conversion table here.

Task division in Osiris compared to AIR

Enrolment and dis-enrolment of students is only possible in Osiris Basis. Grade registration can be done in Osiris Basis as well as in Osiris Lecturer / Supervisor.  The following division of tasks within the chair group is logical based on what is possible within Osiris:

Secretariat in Osiris Basis

  • Student enrolment and dis-enrolment for courses and exams (incl. Maximum courses)
  • Register individual grades for e.g. late report submissions of courses
  • Register grades for Theses, Internships, and Research Practices (until the new method takes effect; expected September 2021, see https://www.wur.eu/thesis-internship)
  • Register grades (in bulk) for courses (as back-up for course coordinators)
  • Arrange for provision percentages (verzorgingspercentages)
  • Grant extra facilities for students (extra voorzieningen)

Course coordinator in Osiris Lecturer & Advisor

  • Register grades before the deadline (ten business days after the last day of the period)
  • Download student photo list and participant list

Warning: in Osiris Basis you can adjust much more to, for example, student registrations and grades than you could in AIR. Therefore, read manuals carefully, and especially when enroling and dis-enroling students. Make sure you do not add or remove the wrong courses.

Osiris Terminology

Osiris uses some other words for terms that we were accustomed to. Above you can find a "translation list".

New grade codes

There are new grade codes in OSIRIS. No distinction is made between "Sick" and "Rejected on request" anymore, there is just NOGRADE. "Not appeared" is now NOSHOW, but this is not linked to the exclusion of the next exam moment as a 'penalty', as was the case in AIR. "Partle completed" ("gedeeltelijk afgelegd") is now INCOMPL and may only be given under certain conditions. See How to use result grade codes? to see how to use the new codes.


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