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How to make an overview of students on the waiting list of a course with a maximum?

Every student who wants to enrol in a course with a maximum number of participants is placed on a waiting list. For creating an overview of all the students on the list, a report can be generated in Osiris Basis. It is recommended that you do this after the registration deadline.

The course coordinator uses this report to sort the register and determine which students will be enrolled, and which will not. The course coordinator makes a selection based on the students' study program. For setting priorities: How to process the enrolment of a course with a maximum? After the selection, the next step will be enrolment in the course (as described in above mentioned manual).

The course coordinators can export the waiting list from Osiris for Course Coordinator, see: How to make a(n Excel) file of the students on the waiting list for a course with a maximum.

This manual describes how to make a list of all students that are enrolled in a course in Osiris Basis. 

1. Click on Student > Reports

or fill in the menu bar go to menu “9.2” and press enter

or fill in the menu bar go to menu "9.2.72" or “9272”, press enter and go to step 3

2. In the right screen Enrol education, click on 9.2.72 - Waiting list per course

TIP: If you have already requested the report before, you can also retrieve the report under Recently executed reports.

3. Enter the course code in the search field Course and the period in Starting block

or search for a course using the magnifying glass next to Course. For details, please consult the manual How to find a course in Osiris Basis, step 3 until 7.

NB. The current Academic year is pre-filled by Osiris. The academic year 2021-2022 is denoted as 2021.

4. An Excel file will be created in a few seconds. The file will be downloaded and saved on the computer according to the browser settings (Chrome, Edge or Firefox).

5. When you open the Excel file, Sheet 1 shows first, where you find the search of the selected course.

6. Click on the tab for Sheet 2.

7. Sheet 2 shows the waiting list that you will use to sort the register and determine which students will be enrolled, and which will not. Here you find the following information:

8. Enrolment date and time.

Please note: after the deadline for waiting list courses, students can still place themselves on the waiting list, until the regular deadline for courses. They will then only receive the message from the system: "you are on the waiting list", but they are too late to claim priority rights. This kept in place for courses that are not yet fully booked in the week before the absolute registration deadline.

9. Degree programme for which the student is registered.

10. Degree: B = Bachelor, M = Master, PM = Pre-Master. For less common abbreviations see step 7 in the manual How to make an overview of participants of a course?

11. Specialisation(s): The student's specialisation. If nothing is stated here, the student has not yet entered/requested this. Then the priority expires.

For now, it is not possible to show a student's minors in Osiris. So a priority based on a minor that the student might follow, cannot be applied.


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