How to activate a facility for a student?

Since May 2021 it is not possible anymore to activate facilities for students for their course registrations manually. When you enrol a student for the course through Osiris Basis, the student will automatically get all the facilities the student dean has granted to the student.

This means that if a student is granted extra facilities by the student dean during an education period, and would like to use these facilities for the test of your course, you can only add these facilities by dis-enrolling the student and re-enrolling them to your course. 

This is important to do, otherwise the student will not be able to get the right facilities in ANS (e.g. their extra time).

If you want to check which students have applied for facilities for this course, check the facilities report 9.2.65, see manual How to make an overview of students with special facilities?

You can also use this list to check whether the facilities for a student ended up correctly in Osiris, if you just performed the above action to manually add the facilities to a student.