How to enter a result for an individual student?

In Osiris Basis it is possible to enter the results individually and in groups.

This manual describes how to enter a course result for an individual student in Osiris Basis. Secretariats cannot enter results for an MSc Thesis, Internship or Research practice grade. This only can be done by the assessors and examiners in Osiris-Case. See manuals: (New Procedure) MSc Thesis, Internship & Research Practice

Start screen

1.  Click on Student >  Grades > Individual > Test grades
or fill in go to menu 2165 and click enter

2. Under Personal details, enter a student number in the Student number
or enter a surname in the Surname search field (without diacritics). Enter the surname without prefix(s)

NB. Diacritic means the sign above or below a letter (e.g. é, ë, ñ, ç).

3. Click Search

TIP: Multiple selection filters are available via the Advanced search option.

4. Click on the black arrow in front of the student number of the student

5. Under Test grades, click on the course for which you want to enter a result

NB. If the student already has a result like INCOMPL, you need to add a new "test" by clicking the green plus under Tests at course, and add TENTAMEN in the white box in column *Test

6. In the Tests at course block, enter the result, test date and lecturer.

NB. Never give a test date that is further than ten working days in the past! See What 'Test date' do I use at grade entry?

NB. The test result is now automatically signed, do not change this field.

7. Click Save. The result is now saved as draft

In the grey notification bar you can read "Transaction completed succesfully!"

Finalize the result

To finalize the result, follow these two steps:

8. Click Action: Make final, which is next to the Save button

9. In the pop-up screen, click Make final to confirm


10.  Under Tests at course the Status changed from Draft to Final and in the grey notification bar is displayed: "The action 'Finalize test grades' has been succesfully executed"

NB. The grade is now visible for the student. From now on, changes can only be made by the Student Service Centre, ([email protected]).

If you want to check if the grades have been made final you can, please see manual How do I check if a grade has been made final?


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