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How do I check the provision percentages of a course from another chair group?

If your chair group is involved in organizing a course (subject) of another chair group, you may want to check whether the provision percentages are registered as agreed, in Osiris. This will ensure that the financial compensation for your contribution to this course is properly regulated.

Of course, you can check in WBI (link only works if you are authorized for WBI) whether care percentages (and therefore a financial compensation) have been awarded by other chair groups for courses in which your chair group is involved. If there is no reimbursement there, you can approach the relevant chair group and ask to adjust it. So this is completely outside Osiris.

But there is also a possibility to view the provision percentages of this course. You cannot change or modify them, you can only view them. For changes, please contact the secretariat of the relevant chair group.

Unfortunately this manual does not work for checking the provision percentages of MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice courses. These you can only verify via WBI, when authorized for it.

Start screen

1. Click on Student > Student > Student information
or enter in the menu bar go to menu "2.1" and press enter

2. Click on Advanced search

A pop-up menu appears.

3. Click on Course

4. Enter the course code that you wish to check in the search field Course

5. Enter the current Academic year (Academic Year 2020-2021 is 2020)

6. Click on Search

An overview of the registered students for that course appear

7. Click on one of the arrows, to randomly select a student

8. Click on Courses and tests

9. Click on the course that you want to see, this line becomes green

10. Click with your right mouse button on the course code. A pop-up menu appears

11. Click on go to course

An overview of the Provision percentages of the course appears.

NOTE: Under Actions you can add or remove units (chair groups), but you CANNOT enter/modify percentages, so it is of no use. When changes are necessary, please contact the secretariat of the organizing chair group!