How to use the ResitAssignment block to enter a grade

From September 2023 onwards, students at Wageningen University can  take a written test for a course twice in an academic year (previously three times a year).

Many of the courses at Wageningen University have an assessment strategy where a written test (colloquially known as 'tentamen') is combined with one or more graded assignments, e.g. a (group) report, poster or presentation.

For some courses, the examiner allows a retry/resubmission of an assignment/report/etc at a moment different from the scheduled resit for the written exam of the course. The examining boards advice course coordinators to use the scheduled resit week as the deadline for resubmitting assignments, but coordinators can freely deviate from this. From 2024/2025 onward details are to be mentioned in the course catalogue.

In some situations using the ResitAssignment block is useful. These are outlined below.

In 2024/2025 courses will automatically get the ResitAssignment block when relevant. For 2023/2024 this needs to be requested.

The student can NOT self-enroll for the ResitAssignment block, to prevent them from having the idea that they have a third option for taking the written test. Using the ResitAssignment option is only available to staff members with access to Osiris-Basis for their chair group.

A) Before the scheduled resit, a resubmitted assignment was assessed and a final passing grade obtained

When the student resubmits an assignment, it is graded and as a result the student obtains a final passing grade for the course, registering the grade on the  resitAssignment block is useful.
The advantage of this option is that a grade can be booked on the date determined by the examiner and it will not result in the student being unnecessarily added to a (newer) BrightSpace.

Do NOT use ResitAssignment when the student stills needs to resit the written test of the course to complete the course. In that situation store the partial grade in the BrightSpace gradebook or your own administration. Otherwise the student can not register for the resit of the written test.

B) After 2 tries (in 1 year) for the written test, the student resubmits a report and now a (new) final grade is obtained

After the student has taken the maximum of 2 opportunities in the current academic year for the written test, the student hands in an assignment. This is before the deadline set by the examiner of the course. Once the assignment is graded, the final grade is calculated and this is either a passing grade or not.
To enter this grade, it should be registered in the ResitAssignment block.
Of course, when it is (again) a failing grade, or still 'INCOMPL' as another assignment is still open, you can also choose to not register such a failing grade.


NOT FOR...  The ResitAssignment option is not there for...

  • Allowing a student a third try for a wtitten test. This can only by allowed by the examining board in very special situations. These requests are done by the student with the examining board. The examiner will be contacted beforehand and informed by the examining board on how to register this grade
  • Correcting a grade, e.g. after the student reviewed the written test and after discussion with the examiner a new grade is to be registered. For this the procedure grade correction is there.
  • Registering grades when they become available after the grade registration deadline. Here also follow the grade correction procedure.
  • Note that regular checks are done, on behalf of the examining boards, to guarantee correct  use of the ResitAssignment option.

HOW TO book a grade on 'ResitAssignment'?

This is a combination of enrolling a student for a test and thereafter registering the grade.

Enrolling a student for the ResitAssignment block is almost similar to the regular procedure  How to enrol a student in an exam except in step 14:

When enrolling a student for a third time for a course, as is the case in situation 'B', you have to make sure you disable the 'check', do so by clicking on 'Checks' ('Controles' in Dutch) (1) and uncheck the check for 'maximum number of enrolments per year for test' (2)  ('maximum aantal inschrijvingen voor toets per jaar' in Dutch)

After enrolling the student for the course for block ResitAssignment, you can enter the grade in the regular way, as outlined in How to enter a result for an individual student