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Quick Reference Card Forum P-rooms Single

This Quick Reference Card applies to rooms: P0703, P0732, P0735, P0732+P0735, P0803, P0812, P0826, P0832, P0852, P0858, P0865, PC0606, PC0612, PC0717

  • Reception Forum: 0317 482160 | 8:00 - 23:00 | for assistance and all issues with (audiovisual) equipment and hybrid lectures
  • Servicedesk IT: 0317 488 888 | 7:30 -17:30 | for issues related to accounts and log-in 
  • Brightspace Helpdesk: 0317 486 222 | 8:00 - 12:00 & 13:00 - 17:00 | for questions on Brightspace
  • Emergency number: 0317 488 333 | in case of evacuation, guide your students outside via the nearest emergency staircase. You can find the evacuation plan on the wall next to the door
Getting Started
  • Use the Pointer (3) on the desk
  • Press the Projector On button (4) on the Control Panel in the desk 
  • Press Select PC (7) (advised), or Select Laptop (8)
  • If PC is off, turn it on by pressing the ON button on the PC on the desk (10)
  • Press the Blackscreen button (9) on the Control Panel to hide your projection and mute the sound
  • Volume button (6) adjusts the volume of the PC or laptop




Audiovisual equipment
Microphone (Clip-On/ Headset)

Hold the ON/OFF button behind the front cap of the Microphone (11) to turn on the Microphone. Unmute the Microphone by the switch on top of the Microphone case

Empty batteries?
You can ask for batteries at reception or at practical support in room 880


Sound problems
Check if the room speakers are selected. In the bottom-right corner of the PC Monitor, click on the speaker symbol and select ExtronScalerD (Intel(R) Display Audio)

Use the Laser Pointer or your own pointer
The Laser Pointer is on the desk. You can also use your own pointer.
  • Plug the USB-dongle of the pointer into the USB-socket of the PC on the desk 
Use the Digital Pointer
The Logitech Pointer is in the box that can be picked up at the reception of the building.
  • Pull the USB dongle out of the Logitech Pointer and plug it into the USB-socket of the PC on the desk 

In the task bar on the bottom of the Computer screen,

  • Click on the Show hidden icons symbol > click on the Logitech Presentation symbol (yellow dot with arrow)
  • A SPOTLIGHT menu appears, from which you can choose your pointer function
  • The Logitech Pointer functions (highlight, magnify, digital laser) are visible to online students too

Finishing up
  • Do not switch off the PC! Sign out from your account on the PC 
  • Press Projector Off button (5) on Control Panel














If you have remarks or feedback on this instruction article, please let us know via [email protected].

For detailed instructions on the audiovisual equipment please go to the online manuals: or scan the QR code below.