How can I see study progress of a student?

This manual describes which information you can find in the study progress overview of the individual student in Osiris Teacher - Counselor. This manual follows after step 6 from the manual ‘How do I search for one or several student(s)?’. From the list of students you selected a specific student.

0. Go to Progress. The screen with the study results from the student contains the following items:
1. With these boxes you can limit or expand the study progress overview
2. By CROHO the study program of the study progress overview is shown
3. By Start year the start year of the student is shown
4. The Progress graphically shows how far the student is in the selected exam program (So courses not in the programme are not counted here).
5. With Master, progress of the student in the selected program and the current weighted average is shown in numbers
6. Here a sum of the credits per exam program is shown. In the dark bar the total number of credits that needs to be obtained for the exam program and the actual number of credits obtained by the student are respectively shown. This student obtained 183 from the 180 credits in total. 138 of these credits are in the common part, of which the student gained 141.
7. Here the courses that the student passed are shown. Dependent on the checks in step 6 more or less details about the course are shown.
8. Select the specialization you want to see the study progress from.

NB1. If a student does a 2nd master that you are not linked to you cannot get the Study programme overview of that master when you are not linked to that master. If you need it, the student has to create it and send it to you.
NB2. If a student does 2 specialisations both specialisations has their own Study programme overview

NB3. NOTE, the ECTS mentioned here only include courses part of the program of this student (Compulsory, Restricted optionals and approved electives), so other achieved ECTS are only shown lower in the screen and not added to the overal credits

NB4. Please note that the overview on this page might be different from the Study progress overview (SVO). For example when the student does 2 specialization only one specialization is shown in this overview (in the SVO there is an overview for each specialization) .