How do I create a note for several students?

In Osiris Teacher  Counselor it is possible to create a note for several students at the same time. It is possible to define which part of the note is visible for the student. When visible, a student may respond to a note of a counselor. Besides this, also files can be linked to a note, which will then be visible for the student. A note can be shared with other counselors (such as deans) to make sure relevant information about the student is available for the right counselors. The student can also check who can see the note in Osiris Student.

This manual describes how to create, share and adjust a note for several students at the same time in Osiris Teacher  Counselor.

Select a group of students to create a note

1. Select students by adding search criteria in the left selection field
2. Click here to use defined search criteria such as ‘last selection’ which takes the selection you used last time
3. Click on SEARCH
4. Click on MAKE SELECTION and select the students for which you want to create a note

5. Click on Actions
6. Click on New note

Make the note
Continue with the manual ‘How do I create a note for a student’ from step 7 onwards.