Checklist request individual arrangement

This page is a checklist for the study advisor what information is needed for the request of an individual arrangement.

Use this checklist when you send a request of an individual arrangement to the examining board. If the request consists of multiple arrangements (like changes in multiple clusters in the programme) make sure that you supply the information (from point 4 onward) for every individual arrangement).

  1. Programme
  2. Name student
  3. Student number
  4. Cluster in programme (for example. common part, specialization,  RO cluster. please be as specific as possible)
  5. Course code of the course(s) that have to be included
  6. Course code of the course(s) that have to be removed/replaced
  7. Cause/Motivation for the individual arrangement  

NB: When the request about a course in a specialization make sure the student has already registered for the specialization before sending the request to the examining board.

NB2: when a student wants to complete a thesis or internship at a different Chair group, please also include the examiner and title or description of the project.


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