Individual minor

  1. Student submits his/her elective and describe that they want an individual minor in the motivation.
  2. The examining board evaluates the individual courses and mentions in the approval field whether they approve of the individual minor.
  3. When all courses are successfully completed the student sends a request by e-mail to the examining board to register the individual minor (with the study advisor in the Cc).

NB1: When the final grade of the minor is also the final grade of the entire program it is important that the student send his request for the registration of the minor simultaneous with the completion of the courses.  For a minor consisting of WUR courses this can be done upon doing the exam. For external courses the transcript of the courses is needed. The registration of the individual minor van be done parallel to the graduation process (but not after the student has graduated).

NB2: An external minor is also an individual minor.

NB3: There is some discussion on the worth of an individual minor as there is no custom title in Osiris and it will not be mentioned on the students diploma. Students could always mention the themes of their elective courses and minors from other universities on their CV. We recommend students to ask for advice on how to create a good CV at the Student Career Centre.


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