How do I enter an individual arrangement?

Individual arrangements are used by studyadvisors in the following situations:

1. Placing courses in the compulsory part of the programme (Only when the studyhandbook mentions that the courses are required "if you studyadvisor deems it necessary")
2. Placing courses in pre-master programmes

This manual describes how to enter an individual arrangement into a student's examination programme.

2. Go to the green bar at the top
3. On the right, select "Wageningen University"

Home screen

4. Click on Student / Student / Student information
or fill in menu bar go to menu "2.1" and press enter

Select the student

5. Under Personal details (on the left), enter a student number in the Student number search field
or enter the surname, behind the search field Surname (without diacritics). Enter the last name without prefix (s)

NB. Diacritic means the sign above or below a letter (e.g. é, ë, ñ, ç).

6. Click on Search

TIP: Multiple selection filters are available via the Advanced search option.

7. If you search by student number, one student will appear

NB. If you search by last name, multiple students with the same name may appear.
NOTE: You can also see for which programs the student is enrolled (Enrollments of the student) and whether that enrollment has been completed (Active Code 4 for the current academic year indicates a correct enrollment).

8. Click the arrow in front of the student number of the student you want to add

9. Under Examinations, click Individual arrangements.
10. Select the Exam program in which you want to make a change.
11. Under Arrangement, click on the green plus sign
12. Enter an explanation at * Explanation.

TIP: Make agreements in your team about what you enter here.

13. At * Type of arrangement, choose from Placement or Replacement.
14. If the individual arrangement is part of a specialisation you HAVE to select the specialisation.
15. At * Study programme component, choose the correct one by clicking on the magnifying glass.

16. Under The following courses will be replaced, select the subject to be replaced.
17. Under The following courses are included in the study programme, click the green plus sign to add a course.

NB. When using a laptop, not all parts of the page are always visible because scrolling does not work. Click on the triangles on the right to collapse parts. This makes more parts visible. Minimizing your image with "ctrl" + "-" also works.

18. Select if the list should Limit list to student courses
19. Click on SEARCH
20. Select course
21. Press OK

NB1. Save before exiting
NB2. If you add a course with an individual arrangement, and you make this course compulsory, the student has to complete this course in order to be able to graduate.
NB3. When replacing multiple courses by multiple courses (like with switchers), try to replace one course with one course in separate Individual arrangements and not cluster them all in one Individual arrangement. 




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