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How to add a study advisor to your student(s)?

In OSIRIS you can add the name of the study advisor to your student(s). When you have added the name you can use this as a filter in OSIRIS when searching your students.
This option is offered under ‘Additional information’.


  • When you want to use this option it is important to add this to all your students for usage.
  • Pay attention to type errors: your entry (including type errors) will be saved
  • When a student has two study advisors (double bachelor/ master), you can type the second name as extra (for instance ‘Annie and Bram’, you can search using % to view all your students, for instance %Annie%). Pay attention to these students when entering your name as a study advisor, that you add a name and do not delete a name (the option to use bulk for these students is therefore not recommended).

There are two ways to enter the name of a study advisor: Bulk (OSIRIS Basis) or Individual (Lecturer/ Supervisor).

Bulk (Osiris Basis)

1. In “go to menu” enter 2230 (Register additional information fields (student))

2. Search for a group of students. Here you can make a selection. For instance based on the degree of your programme, start year or specialisation.
3. After entering you criteria, press “Search”
4. Your results will pop up in your screen. Select the students for whom you would like to add a study advisor, for instance “Annie”. You can use the “CTRL” or “shift” keys on your keyboard to select multiple students
5. Under ACTIONS, you can find three options:

  1. Register additional information fields
  2. Remove additional information fields
  3. Change content of additional information fields

To add a study advisor for the first time, you chose the first option (PAY ATTENTION: If a student already has a study advisor (for instance double program), do not use this option, you might override the actions of a colleague.

6. Mark the field you would like to add and enter the name of the study advisor (check your spelling: every type error is possible, there is no check)
7. Click register

N.B. If necessary, repeat from step 5 to add another study advisor

Individual (OSIRIS Lecturer/Supervisor)

1. Search for your student
2. Select your student and the “personal detail” will appear. Scroll down to the bottom to find “Additional information fields”

3. Click “change” (when there already is a name present and you want to change it, continue at step 6)


5. Select the field “Study Advisor” and then the “OK” button at the bottom

6. Enter the name of the study advisor in the Study Advising field (if there already is a name present (double programme), you can add your name. For instance “Annie and Bram”).
7. Click “Save”