How do I create a list of passport photos?

A List of Passport Photos is a list of the photos and names of all students you have selected.

This manual describes how to make a list of passport photos of all students in Osiris Lecturer & Supervisor.

1. Go to the PERSONAL DATA or PROGRESS tab
2. Under STUDENT, click Yes if you want to find all registered students. Click No if you want to find the students who have ever enrolled and leave it blank if you want both options
3. Under DEGREE PROGRAMME enter the abbreviation of the study program of which you want to find students or click on the magnifying glass and click on the study program. You can also search by starting year and
4. Fill in the minor at MINOR if you want to make a gross list of a specific minor
5. Click SEARCH to perform the search with the selected filter options
A list of students is presented.


7. Select the students you want to have in the list by ticking them manually, or by ticking "Select all rows"

8. Click on ACTIONS
9. Click on List of passport photos

A list of names and passport photos of the selected students is shown.