How do I approve (or reject) electives?

A student needs to submit the electives for approval by the exam committee via the study advisor.

Attention points:

  • You only approve electives
  • Other changes from the described programme should be done (in consultation) by the examining board
  • Even when the program does not include any electives, approval is needed and the (empty) electives need to be submitted for approval
  • A student needs to enroll for a specialization before submitting the electives in order to be able to graduate
  • When a student switches specializations: electives need to be re-approved
  • When students have two specializations: they both need to be registered prior to approval (pay attention to the double thesis, that each specialization has one). The manual for students for a double specializations can be found here
  • When students do 2 programs of the same level (for example 2 masters) they should include the overview that can be found here. The manual for students for 2 programs can be found here
  • Minor: a student must select a described minor (WUR) on forehand. You can see this title when approving)
  • Individual minors must be requested (before submitting approval) via the examining board.
  • External course procedure can be found here. Make sure the student used the correct (English) name.
  • The following course are not to be approved: DUMMY Course (a student has to replace this course by the actual courses) and OWN Course (a student has to remove the "mark" ("vinkje") before submitting)
  • Make sure that the electives meet the requirements (proper level of a course, no overlapping knowledge, etc.)

The moment a student meets the requirements of a study program and the program is approved, OSIRIS will see this as a moment for graduation (in many situations this will be the moment a students reaches the 120/180 ECTS). Even when the approved program contains more electives that still need to be completed. To prevent this an email must be send to SSC to prevent graduation.
Off course it is still possible to graduate with more than 120/180 ECTS.

Courses can be included in the program as electives (when they meet the requirement), or OSIRIS will show them as "Other Courses" and they will not be shown on the standard diploma supplement (but can be requested at SSC)  

This manual describes how to evaluate and approve / reject Electives that where proposed by a student.

2. The start screen will show you whether there is a or multiple programs to be approved for your program. You can view more details by clicking on this messages

3. Here you find:
    1) The name of the student
    2) The comments made by the student
    3) Your possibilities as a study advisor, namely to see the schedule or assess the proposed electives

We will first take a look at the option "show schedule". The PlanApp will open up in a second screen.

Students Schedule (PlanApp)

4. You will be taken to the planing the student made.
The red area on top shows you warnings concerning the students planning.
    1) Here you can switch to a different view. You are at PLAN and can switch to CURRICULUM
    2) The planning over multiple years is shown (made by the student)
    3) Here you can find the program and look into the different aspects (common part, specialization and  
        electives). Here you can see if the student is registered for a specialization (see remarks on top of the

Curriculum (PlanApp)

5. This view will show you more the lay out of the program (contains the same information as the "plan" but in a different form). The arrows (orange circle) will open or close more information on a lower level. When you open up the specialization, this part will show whether the student is registered for a specialization (see remarks on top of the manual).

To approve (or reject) the electives you need to return to OSIRIS Lecturer & Supervisor (for instance by closing the PlanApp).

Assess proposal Electives

6. When assessing you only look at the electives (OSIRIS loos at the rest of the program: does the student meet the requirements of the program).
1) You have the following options:
- Cancel (decide at an other moment)
- Reject (you can add a remark why you reject the proposed electives and the rejection will be send to the student)
- Positive advice (your advise will be sent to the exam committee . The exam Committee can approve or reject. When they reject the proposal, the rejection will be send to the student directly (including the remarks you made towards the exam committee)
- three dots: contains a print option

    2) Here you can find the remarks the student made and attachments
    3) Here the proposed Electives are shown

NB: Your remarks to the exam committee will be viewable by the student both when the electives are approved or rejected. So make sure you make it suitable for the student to read.

Where can I find rejected/ approved Electives?


7. You can look up canceled/ rejected/ approved Electives under "supervision" (1). Here you can find information about previous rejections/ approvals.
ATTENTION: the planning that you can find using the three dots (2), shows the most recent planning: here you can not find a previous planning.