How can I see the graduation status?

This manual describes how you can view the graduation status of an individual student in Osiris Teacher - Counselor. This manual follows after step 6 from the manual ‘How do I search for one or several student(s)?’. From the list of students you selected a specific student.

When a student has met the requirements of the programme (mandatory elements, 120 or 180 ECTS, and has had approval) a green sentence will mention "Graduation request".

As a study advisor you can click on this green sentence to view the graduation status. A pop up will be shown as below. 

The pop up shows you:

  1. The date this status was given to the graduation progress
  2. The current status which can be:
  • Graduation postponed
  • Potentially Graduated
  • Potentially Graduated checked by SSC
  • Graduated


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