How do I validate a study plan?

When assessing proposals for electives, it can be wise to check on possible errors or warnings in the planning of the student. This is possible via the ‘validate plan’ button, you can find in the planapp of the student.

By validating the planning of the student, you can:

  • check if the student has met the requirements of the programme;
  • check possible overlap between courses;
  • see the errors the student has made or the warnings he/she has gotten.

For students, it is wise to validate their plan as well, for the same reasons.

1. Click on the three dots

2. Select ‘show schedule’


After you click on the button you have 2 possible outcomes

Option 1: ‘validation is successful’ (everything is correct, see example above),.....

Option 2: warning or error, e.g. ‘there is an overlap in time slots’, ‘not enough courses planned’ or ‘there are courses achieved before the start of the planning’ (see examples above).