How to correct grades that are false or were too late?

A saved "draft" grade can always be changed. A grade is only visible to the student when it is finalized. However, only the Student Service Centre ([email protected]) is allowed to correct a finalized grade.

This manual describes how you can change grades:

After the grade input deadline every student who did not receive a grade yet, will have a NOGRADE registered as finalized grade. Only the Student Service Centre is allowed to change these NOGRADES. Please send a request to [email protected] with the grade input file attached.

In Osiris Basis it is technically possible to give a student a new grade for the same course code and period by adding a new line (new test enrolment). However, this may NEVER be done for correcting a previously finalized grade. This option may only be used for late grades. See manual: Hoe voer ik een nieuw resultaat in voor een individuele student? - via cursus zoeken (Nagekomen cijfer)

AGAIN: final grades may only be corrected by the Student Service Centre ([email protected])!

This manual describes how to adjust a draft grade for one student, multiple students or for all draft grades of one course.

How do I correct a draft grade for one student

Start screen

1. Click on Student > Grades > Individual > Test grades
or fill in go to menu 2165 and click enter

2. Under Personal details, enter a student number in the Student number
or enter a surname in the Surname search field (without diacritics). Enter the surname without prefix(s)

NB. Diacritic means the sign above or below a letter (e.g. é, ë, ñ, ç).

3. Click Search

4. Click on the black arrow in front of the student number of the student

5. Click on the course for which you want to change the draft grade, this line becomes green

6. Change the Grade under Tests at course. For information about grade codes see How to use result grade codes?

7. Click Save

How do I change grades for multiple students of one course

Start screen

8. Go to Student > Grades > Test grades
or fill in go to menu 2.4 and click enter

9. Fill in the course code

10. Click on Search

11. Click on the black arrow in front of the course code with the correct Starting block

12. Change all the grades that need to be changed

13. Click on Save

NB. The grade can now be finalized. See manual How to finalize a course grade?

How do I import a new grade input file to overwrite the saved draft grades

If you have to change all or most of the draft grades of an exam, it is easier to import the grade input file again. Draft grades will be overwritten with the new grades. See manual How to import results in Osiris with a grade input file?