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How do I get an overview for all MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practices at my chair group?

Background information

Secretariats don't have an active role in an MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice in Osiris.
The procedure is handled by those staff members that are responsible for these steps. The supervisor approves the Learning Agreement (on behalf of the chair group), the assessors enter their assessment online in Osiris (and not in excel) and the examiners determine and registers the final grade online in Osiris (also not in excel). And when entered by the supervisor, also the distribution of funding ('verdelingspercentages' in Dutch) is done.

Upon finishing the procedure (setting the final grade by the examiner), the grade is fully registered and a copy of the report is filed in an archive and -when so selected- provided to the library to be shown after an embargo-period (if set).

Nevertheless, at the chair group secretariat, you might want to follow the progress in the administrative procedures of the MSc students at your chair group. With secretariat-rights in Osiris, for the chair groups you're authorized for, you can get a full overview.

How to get this overview is outlined in this manual


To create an overview, go to Osiris-Basis ( )

1. Go to Student > Student > Dashboard Case

or fill in the menu bar go to menu "2245" and press enter

2. Select in the pull-down menu the dashboard  TIR-Dashboard Secretariat Chair Group

3. Click on Search

4. At this moment, in the box below, the default selection 'TIR-Secretariat-open cases (facultair)' will show.
   At a later stage the option 'completed cases' will be possible to select as well, to access the archive.

5. Click 'Search' and wait some time. Osiris has to go through all processes university-wide, so providing the results does take some time.

On the right side an overview appears of students for which a case process has been started in your chair group.

Explanation of the various fields in the dashboard

Below we explain the meaning of the various fields that are shown in this dashboard in as far as those are not self-explaining.

Heading Explanation
Case / Case description Default fields, you can ignore those. Note : TIR is an abbreviation for Thesis Internship Research practice
Case Number This is a unique identifier for this case. When you have a technical request (e.g. to remove a duplicate), always include this number in your request
Status Started/Gestart -> the student has initiated the administrative process and has not yet completed the project
Completed/Afgerond -> the student has either successfully completed the project and received an final mark, or the student received a 'NoGo' during the progress evaluation or an insufficient final grade at the end of the project
Aborted/Afgebroken -> this happens when the administrative process is aborted by Osiris functional management for technical reasons. It does NOT indicate that a project was aborted.
Startdate The date entered in the learning agreement as the start date of the project
(Expected) Date of Progress Evaluation
The date entered in the learning agreement for the progress evaluation between supervisor and student, a final meeting date is to be set by the supervisor and student together
Expected Date of Completion
The roughly planned date of the completion of the thesis (final defence). The actual date will be registered at a later moment once the assessors and examiner are registered.
Main and Administrative Supervisor
The WUR-staff member responsible for supervision and for most of the administrative procedures in Osiris-case for this project.
Additional Supervisor (not required)
The WUR-staff member that also participates in supervision. They will be able (autumn 2022) to see information, but they can not do the administrative procedures
(Additional) Coordinator from Chair Group (not required) The WUR-staff member that is not directly linked to this project, but acts at a chair group (or working group) level as coordinator. This person can take over the administrative role of the main&administrative supervisor.
Process steps
Each of the following process steps ('milestones') can be either 'BEHAALD' (=step completed) or 'NIET-BEHAALD' (= not (yet) completed). What the step means is elaborated
Learning Agreement submitted The student has submitted the Learning Agreement to the supervisor. When the agreement is rejected by the supervisor the student has to resubmit, but this milestone will stay at 'BEHAALD'
Learning Agreement approved The supervisor (or coordinator on behalf of the supervisor) has approved the learning agreement
Can the student continue with the project or is it terminated?
This field will list the outcome of the progress evaluation
Draft report uploaded? When in the learning agreement it is indicated that the student also has to upload  a draft report, this milestone indicates whether or not this is done. When the progress evaluation is entered and this field is empty (neither BEHAALD nor NIET-BEHAALD), then in the learning agreement upload of the draft report was indicated as not part of the process
Assessors Assigned The supervisor has to indicate in Osiris who will be 1st and 2nd assessor, as well as the examiner and the expected date of oral defence.
At that moment the supervisor also indicates the distribution of the funding over the chair groups (where relevant)
Final report uploaded The student has to upload the final report(s). For the scientific report this should be uploaded both in pdf (for archiving) and in an editable format (for future use by supervisor).  
Assessment by Assessors done - Pending Final Grade
When both the 1st and 2nd assessor have completed their assessment forms, prior to the oral defence, this milestone is reached
Final Grading Done Once the assigned examiner has saved&confirmed the final grade, the last milestone is reached and the process is completed. [Note: there will be further milestones in case of an insufficient result]
Thesis Terminated Only when a student gets a 'Can not Continue' during the progress evaluation,  this milestone is met. Also upon reaching this milestone the process is completed. The 'grade' STOPPED is registered for this student.
Further fields requiring elaboration
Assessor 1 / 2 / Examiner The name of the staff member assigned.
You should ignore the <<Error: no data found>>  that currently shows up in this field after the name of the person. This will be fixed in a later stage.
Number of chair groups for distribution of funding
When the funding is for only 1 chair group (the default), here you'll see 1 -1    When this is distributed over 3 groups, you'll see 3 - 3
Percentage Percentage of the funding for the chair group linked to the course code (for thesis XYZ80336 this is chair group XYZ).
You can find full details (and update them where required upto August 31st) in menu 2.1.67 in Osiris-Basis.
Number of credits to be assigned Within 1 course code, there is a range of credits that can be awarded to the student. This is set, in the last step, by the examiner after the oral defence. 
Final Grade (In Wageningen Grading system)
The final grade is either a grade (e.g.  6.5) or, when one of the parts of the assessment is insufficient, INCOMPL  (for Incomplete)
Grading date ( = today):
Immediately after confirming the grade by the examiner, the grade is registered in Osiris. As this should be done immediately after the oral defence, no anti-dating is required. The date the grade is registered on is shown in this field.
CURRENT Academic Year The grade is registered for the academic year shown in this field. This is automatically determined based on the grading date.
..... programme most relevant... Students can be enrolled for multiple master programmes at the same time. Here they indicate which programme is most relevant. This is for your information only, e.g when you want to make statistics of the MSc programmes the thesis/internship/research practice students at your group come from.
Laudatio... Once many of the theses and internships are registered through this new Osiris procedure, the text for the Laudatio (speech during the MSc-diploma ceremony) will be automatically provided to the speaker. When the Laudatio is entered (it is an optional field for supervisor/assessor 1), it is shown in this field.

Tips Dashboard


91. Click the filter button. A line of empty fields appears above the row of field names. You can use this to filter the table based on any column you want.

Example: You want to see all case processes that supervisor X supervises. Put the name of the supervisor, with % characters before and after the name, above field name "internal supervisor" and press enter. When the supervisor is 'Jansen', you enter %Jansen%. You will now only see the case processes of supervisor Jansen.

NOTE: as Osiris has to run all filters on all available data, filtering might be a tad slow.

NB. If you empty the filter field again and press enter, you will see the total overview again. The 'delete filter' button  (92) removes all filters.

Excel file

93. To export all results, first 'Select all rows'.

Wait until all rows have been selected.

94. Press the 'excel' icon and all info that is shown in the dashboard will be shown.