Adding Content to a Course | How to add Documents to a course

In the Content, you can post and organise course content so that information about course expectations, course syllabus, lecture notes, and important dates display to users clearly. Course materials posted in Content can include documents, images, media files, URL links, and existing course activities.

This article will show how to add a document by:

If you want to learn more about Content in general, check out How to use Content tool

Adding documents to a course

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar

1. Click on Content

Navigate to your course - click on Content in the green navigation bar

This will open the Content homepage, then

2. Click on the desired (sub)module where you want your documents to be added to

This open the Content homepage, then click on the desired (sub)module

There are two ways to adding a document to your (sub)module, either by Uploading a file or by dragging or dropping a file.

Module homepage - Upload/Create or Drag and drop files
1. Uploading File  

3. Click on the blue button Upload/Create, a drop-down menu will appear

4. Click on Upload Files

Course Content Homepage - click on the desired (sub)module, then click on the blue button Upload/Create a drop-down menu will appear click on Upload Files

A pop-up window will open,

5. In Add a File, choose one of the following options to add a file

  • My Computer - to upload your document(s) from your computer
  • Course Offering Files - if the course materials already added to Manage Files
  • OneDrive Files - to add documents from your OneDrive

If you are using this option for the first time you will be prompted to sign in first. Click the button to sign in and you will be automatically signed in to your WUR OneDrive. In the next step you will be able to see its contents, the folders and documents of your personal WUR OneDrive.

Pop-up window will open - choose to Add a file from My Computer, Course Offering Files or OneDrives files

Once you have selected from where you want to Add a File from (i.e My Computer), in the same pop-up window

6. Click on Upload and select your files or drag and drop them directly within the dotted line box

By choosing a Destination, to keep a clear overview of all documents, choose where to store your files in the folder structure of your course. Please visit, the following link to know more: How to use Manage Files tool in Brightspace

Add a File pop-up window - click on Upload or drag and drop a file, then click on Choose Destination

This action will Upload the files,

10. Click on the blue button Add

Add a file pop-up - click on the blue button add

This action will close the pop-up Add a File, and the document will appear in the Content

2. Dragging and dropping file

Choose a file from your computer, Drag and drop files within the dashed lines

The box will turn blue

Choose a file from your computer and drag it and drop files within the dashed lines

The file was added to your (sub)module

The pop-up will close - redirected to your (sub)module of your course content - the file will appear

Now you know how to add a document to your course content in Brightspace!


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Clear article, main points:
- remove the . at the end of sentences
- remove the shadow around the orange fields
- include the steps numbering and change the dots for this, as discussed!

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