Login | How to log in to Brightspace

This article will show you how to log in to Brightspace.

For logging into Brightspace you will need a WUR-account and follow the steps below. 

  1. Open your browser 
  2. Type brightspace.wur.nl 

You will be redirected to the login page of the WUR. Now, 

  1. Enter your username or WUR email address
  2. Enter your password
  3. Click the green button Sign in
Brightspace login page

Once you log in, you will land on the Brightspace WUR homepage:

Brightspace homepage

You have now successfully logged in to Brightspace!


Annemarie Zijlmans

Hoi Nancy,

That seems correct.
Maybe you should mention here that there are several ways to get access to Brightspace.
1. Via MyPortal. Here you see all the courses you are teaching and you find a direct link to Brightspace. You will be directed (is dit goed Engels) to the homepage of your course
2. Directly by logging in via brightspace.wur.nl

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