Pin a course | How to manage your courses by pinning them

You might be following or giving several courses in Brightspace. To keep track and overview of the courses relevant to you you can make use of an option that will pin them and so "lock" them to the overview, either in the Brightspace WUR homepage course thumbnail overview, or at the top of the list when searching through courses.

This article will show you how to pin a course to the Brightspace WUR homepage:

Pinning a course using the Waffle icon

1. Click on the Waffle icon in the Minibar of either the Brightspace Course homepage or the Brightspace WUR homepage. A list of courses will appear.

2. Click the Pin (a thumbtack-like icon) behind the name of the course to pin it.

  • A dark Pin means the course is pinned.
  • A transparent Pin means the course is not pinned.
Pin course through Waffle icon

Pinned courses will appear on the top of the list with results.

To unpin a course, click the Pin again. The course will be now removed from the easy access and will not be visible in the Brightspace WUR homepage overview.

Pinning from the Brightspace WUR homepage

In the Brightspace WUR homepage navigate to the thumbnail of the course you would like to pin.

1. Hover over the thumbnail so three dots in its upper right corner appear.

2. Click the tree dots.

2. A drop-down list appears with an option to pin the course. Click Pin.

Pin course from WUR Brightspace home

When you pin your course the following happens:

  • on the Brightspace WUR homepage:
    • you will see a Pin icon on the thumbnail of the course
    • the course will be 'locked' on the homepage overview
    • a tab Pinned will become available with all your pinned courses


  • when using the Waffle icon for searching for a course:
    • your pinned courses will appear at the top of the drop-down list
    • and with a filled Pin icon
Brightspace WUR homepage - tab with Pinned courses

You have now successfully pinned a course to your Brightspace WUR homepage!

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