How to use Turnitin® in Brightspace

Assignments can be linked to Turnitin® to make it easier to evaluate the assignments and check for plagiarism.

This manual will show how to

Turnitin® is currently enabled only as a similarity and plagiarism check tool, not as a feedback and grading tool. See How to give Evaluation and Feedback to an Assignment in Brightspace.

Creating a Turnitin® assignment

1. Click on Assessments in the navigation bar,
2. From the drop-down menu click Assignments

Navigating to Assignments

3. In the Assignments homepage click New Assignment (see How to create an assignment), or edit an existing assignment by pressing the arrow next to the assignment, and in the drop-down menu click Edit Assignment (see How to Edit an Assignment )

Assignmets Homepage

This action will open the Edit Assignment Homepage. Under the Evaluation & Feedback tab

4. Click Manage Turnitin® to open the Turnitin® options

Evaluation & Feedback tab

Enabling GradeMark® and Originality Check®

A pop-up window will open with the Turnitin® Integration options

5. Select the Enable GradeMark® for this folder under GradeMark®to activate Turnitin® similarity score

6. Click Save to save the changes and close the window

Enabling GradeMark® and Originality Check®

In the Edit Assignment Homepage the new settings will appear under the Turnitin Integration

7. Click Save and Close to save the Assignment

Edit Assignment Homepage

Turnitin® Integration options

Once, the Enable GradeMark® for this folder is selected more options are enabled

Turnitin® Integration
1. GradeMark®

Tick the box Enable GradeMark® for this folder, also tick this option if GradeMark is not used, but Originality Check® will be used

2. Transfer

Under Transfer, select either

  • Automatically sync grades as Draft in Brightspace when grades should be directly transferred to Brightspace (default)
  • Manually sync grades as Draft in Brightspace when grades will be transferred to Brightspace manually
3. Originality Check®

Tick the box enable Originality Check® for this folder when submissions have to be checked for plagiarism (on by default)

4. Display

Enabling Allow learners to see Turnitin® similarity scores in their submission folder will allow students to see their similarity score. This is linked to the more settings in Turnitin®; if the option Allow students to view Similarity Reports is enabled in Turnitin, students will always be able to see the report even if it is disabled in Brightspace

5. Frequency

Under Frequency, select to either have

  • all submissions automatically checked (Automatic originality checking on all submissions)
  • similarity scores only calculated for manually chosen files (Identify individual submissions for originality checking)
6. More options in Turnitin®

By clicking More options in Turnitin® a pop-up window will open with more options

More options in Turnitin®
1. Title and Max Grades

Title and Max Grade will be copied from Brightspace, these cannot be changed

2. Optional Settings

Click Optional Settings to open the menu

Optional Settings
1. Submission settings

Under Submission settings select

  • Whether all submissions are saved in the Turnitin® repository (Standard paper repository) or not (Do not store the submitted papers). Saving papers in the standard paper repository will compare future submissions to previously submitted papers, including drafts. If non-final papers are included it is recommended to use the option Do not store the submitted papers, and, if needed, create a new assignment for the final paper.
  • Allow submissions of any file type allows students to submit any file type. Originality will be checked when possible. By default the following file types are supported: 
    • Microsoft Word® (.doc/.docx)
    • OpenOffice Test (.odt)
    • WordPerfect® (.wpd)
  • Allow late submissions will allow students to hand in submissions after the due-date, this option is disabled in Brightspace as it is linked to the end-date
  • Attach a rubric to attach a pre-made rubric to GradeMark
2. Compare Against

Under Compare Against select

  • Student paper repository to compare the submissions with that of other students
  • Current and archived web site content to compare the submissions with that of websites
  • Periodicals, journals and publications to compare the submissions with peer-reviewed articles and other publications
3. Similarity Report

Under Similarity Report select

  • Whether reports should be generated
    • immediately and not allow further submissions
    • immediately while allowing students to submit until the due date, generating new reports for each submission (default)
    • on the due date
  • Allow students to view Similarity Reports will allow students to check the generated reports, this option is disabled in Brightspace
  • Exclude bibliographic materials will exclude bibliographic materials such as references from the Similarity Report
  • Exclude quoted materials will exclude text that is marked as quote from the Similarity Report
  • Exclude small sources will allow the instructor to limit the amounts of words allowed before a text is marked in the Similarity Report
4. Additional settings
  • Tick Save these settings for future use to set the current settings as default for future assignments in Turnitin®
5. Submit

Click Submit to save the settings

7. Save

Click Save to go back to the Edit Assignments homepage

You now know how to use Turnitin® in Brightspace!

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