Assignments | How to add an Assignment to Content

Once an Assignment has been created, it can be linked to a specific area of the Content. For example, adding the Assignment to a specific week of the course.

For more information, please visit:  How to create an Assignment

Adding the Assignment to the content area

Make sure the Assignment is set to visible in the Assessments tab! (See Make Visible to Users)

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar

1. Click on Content

Course homepage - click on Content

This action will open the Content page,

2. Click on the (sub)module where you want to add the Assignment

3. Click on Existing Activities

4. Click on Assignments, a pop-up window will appear

Content page - choose (sub)module, then click Existing Activities and then click on Assignments

In the pop-up window Add Activity, 

5. Click on the Assignment you wish to add to Content

In the Add activity pop-up - click on the assignment you wish to attach to Content

The pop-up page will close, the Assignment has been successfully attached to the (sub)module in Content.

Students cannot see whether the Assignments placed in the Content are group or individual Assignments. They can only see it via the Assessment tab.

The assignment has been added to the (sub) module of the Content

Edit Properties In-place for group assignments

When a Group Assignment has been selected and added to the Content, it is not recognizable as a group Assignment to students (see below). To make this explicit it can be useful to add a description,

1. Click on the downward arrow on the right of the Assignment name, a drop-down menu will appear

2. Click on Edit Properties In-place

Click on the downward arrow next to the Assignment name - a drop-down menu will appear click on Edit Properties In-place

After this action, more options will appear

3. Click on Add dates and restrictions

After this action, date and restriction options will appear.

  1. Click on Add start date... to select the start date and time.
  2. Click on Add due date... to select the due date and time.
  3. Click on Add end date... to select the end date and time
  4. Click on Create or Browse to add Release Conditions
  5. If you click Visible with access-restricted (before start / after end), a window will open with more availability options

For more information, please visit: Availability Dates & Conditions options

4. Click on Add a description

After this action, the Editor will appear.

1. Add a description

2. Click on Update

In the editor - add a description, then click on Update

After this action, the description will appear

The description appears underneath the Assignment
More options will appear - click on Add descritpion


Now you know how to add an Assignment to Content in Brightspace!

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