Manage Content | How to replace files in Brightspace

Brightspace provides the option to replace any existing file within the course. Course materials posted in Content such as documents, images, media files, URL links, and existing course activities can be changed to new ones.

This article will explain how to Replace an existing File.

Replacing an existing File

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar,

1. Click on Content

Content navbar

This action will open the Content homepage, then

2. Click on  the (sub)module where the document needs to be replaced

3. Click on the downward arrow next to the file that needs changing, a drop-down menu will appear

4. Click on Change File

Course overview

This action will open the Change File page, where the document can be edited and replaced 

Change file
1. Create a File

This action will open the HTML Editor,

Please visit the following link to know more about  How to add text in the Editor

Html Editor
2. Upload

 Upload and select the files from your computer files


Drag and drop the files within the dashed line box

Click on Upload and select the files or drag and drop them directly within the dotted line box
3. Record

Choose one of the following options,

  • Record Video - to record a video
  • Record Audio - to record an audio
Record :  to upload a video or an audio
4. Choose Existing

This action will open the pop-up window, Add a File, choose one of the following options,

  • Course Offering Files - to add an already existing file from Manage Files
  • My Locker - to add a file from personal Locker
  • Group Locker - to add a file from Group Locker, if Group Lockers had previously been created
  • One Drive Files - to add documents from OneDrive
  • Video Note Search  -  to add a video note, if there are already created in the content
Pop-up window will open - choose to Add a file from My Computer, Course Offering Files or OneDrives files

Once the file has been replaced,

5. (Optional) Tick the box to notify students that the content has changed, an email will be sent to the Classlist

6. Click on Update 

The file will be replaced by another. However, the previous file will be kept in Manage Files (Course Tools > Manage Files)

File change tab

After this action, toy will be redirected to the Content homepage,
The file was successfully replaced to the (sub)module

The file was successfully replaced to the (sub)module.

Now you know how to replace a file in Brightspace!


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