How to use OneDrive in Brightspace

All WUR-accounts also have an Office365 account that includes OneDrive. OneDrive is an online storage platform that can also be used to share documents or upload files from. In this manual you find how to:

To log onto OneDrive simply use your WUR-email address to login. This will automatically log you in using your WUR-credentials.

Linking OneDrive in Brightspace

1. In any course, in the Content area click Upload / Create

2. From the drop-down menu, click Upload Files

In content area, while in a mudule click Upload / Create. Then From the drop-down menu, click Upload Files

3. In the pop-up window, click OneDrive Files

click on OneDrive Files

4. Click Sign in to your Office365 account

Click Sign in to your Office365 account

5. Enter your WUR e-mail address

6. Click Accept

Click Accept

You will now return to Brightspace and can add files from your OneDrive!

Logging onto OneDrive

OneDrive is set to accept your WUR-credentials through the single-sign-on system.

Go to

When using OneDrive for the first time (or browser history was cleared)

2. Fill in your WUR-email address

3. Click Next

Fill in your WUR-email address. then Click Next

If not yet logged onto a WUR-service, OneDrive will re-direct you to the login-page of the WUR. Fill in your credentials and click Sign-in.

Fill in your credentials and click Sign-in.

If already logged on before, your account will be listed. Click your account.

If already logged on before, your account will be listed. Click your account.

You are now logged onto OneDrive using your WUR-account!

Sharing a file or folder from OneDrive in Brightspace

This manual will describe the steps to share a file. The steps to share a folder are identical.

When logged into OneDrive, navigate to the file that needs to be shared.

Mouse over the file (or in the case of a folder, the folder) that needs to be shared, Three dots will appear at the end of the file name ('Show actions').

Click the Show actions dots to show the available actions (see below).

Click the Show actions dots to show the available actions, 1. Share, 2.Copy link

1. When sharing through e-mail, click Share and follow the steps Sharing through e-mail below

2. When using a link and giving access to people with the link click Copy link and follow the steps Sharing with a link below

Sharing through e-mail

On the Send Link pop-up window;

1. Enter the name(s) of the people that have to receive the link

2. Optional: Add a message

3. Click Send

send a link pop up window

If needed, you can check the functionality of the link but also give editing rights to users of your preference;

  • Click on People you specify can edit, to enter the settings menu
Send a link/ People you spacify can edit

1. Click on one of the following options to select

  • The link works for Anyone with the link (locked by default)
  • The link works for everyone within the WUR with the link
  • People that have access already
  • Specific people (the ones you are adding in step 1)

2. Tick the box Allow editing if the people that receive the link can also edit it (enabled by default)

3. Click on Apply button to save the changes

Link settings

The box in Step 2 will show a summary of the settings; It will show the limitations of the link (Who) and the functionality (can edit or can view)

Changing or removing sharing rights in OneDrive

In OneDrive, go to the file or folder that needs the sharing rights changed or removed.

1. Mouse over the file or folder, and click the More actions dots

2. Click Details

This will open the details window on the right side of the screen,  where under the section

  • Has Access, you have a quick overview of the people who have access to the file, and
  • Activity, you can check the changes that had been occurred within the file

For more sharing options and rights management,

3. Click on Manage access

Details of the documment

This action will open a new section where you can;

6. Click on Stop sharing, to remove all access from users

7. Click on Share, to quickly send the link to a person or a group

8. Click on Copy, to copy the link

9. Click on the downward arrow next to the names to reveal the list of people who can edit the file and quickly remove them

10. Click on the pen icon, to quickly adjust the sharing options for an individual

Manage access settings

11. Click the More actions dots to open more sharing options for the link

More options Menu, click the three dots to access

12. Click the X to remove the link

13. Click on the downward arrow to select between the two available options:

  • Can edit : the person can edit the file  
  • Can view: the person cannot edit the file

14. Type the name or e-mail of the person that needs to have access to the file

15. Click on Save

You can quickly remove anyone from the list by clicking on the X symbol next to the name

Link settings

It is not possible to edit other properties of the shared link (for example to change from editing to viewing). Create a new link for this.

Now you know how to use Onedrive in Brightspace!

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