Course Guide & Course Contacts | About Course guide and LOR

Course guides provide students with information about the course. These course guides include information about course content, practical information, teaching methods, course periods and registration, test periods and registration, staff and schedule.

Before adding a Course Guide to your course make sure it is in a PDF format!

Secondly, give the Course guide document a proper name: <coursecode_year> preferably followed with the course name (for example: BNT50806_2019 BioNanoTechnology Introduction);

For more information, on how to add a Course guide to your course, please visit: How to add Documents to a course

Brightspace Learning Object Repository (LOR)

Once adding the Course guide to your course, the same PDF file can also be added to the LOR. For more information, please visit: How to add a Course guide to the LOR

It is an online library for storing, managing and sharing learning resources (learning objects). A learning object can be a quiz, a presentation, an image, a video, or any other kind of document or file used to create course content and learning materials for online learning.

When publishing your learning objects to the Learning Object Repository, tag objects with metadata to classify and organize your learning objects and make them easily searchable for others. Classify learning objects according to defined learning standards or goals. Review and provide feedback on learning objects to ensure high-quality online resources.

Now you know about Course Guides and LOR in Brightspace!


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