Grades | How to check the Grade Book Settings

A grade book contains your grading system, grade calculations, grade scheme, grade items, and view and display options.

This article shows how to:

Where to find the Grade Book Settings

To see the grade book settings of your course, go to the green navigation bar and follow the steps:

  1. Click on Grades, then
  2. Click on the Setup Wizard tab

This will open the Grade Setup Wizard homepage, where you can see the Current Grade Book Settings

Please check carefully below the Annotations under each heading and make sure that they match the settings displayed in your course's Grade Book

Grades Setup Wizard | Current Grade Book Settings

When the above settings are the same in your course page, then the Grade Book is set up correctly and is ready to be used.

In case the settings in your course's Grade Book differ from the above-listed ones, please visit:
Setting up the Grade Book using the Grades Setup Wizard

In case you think that the above settings are not suitable for your course, please contact the Brightspace Helpdesk about how to set up a tailor-made grade book.

How to test the Grade Book settings

To test the Grade Book Settings you can check a specific student's view in the Grade Book. Go to the green navigation bar:

  1. Click on Grades
  2. Click on the arrow next to one of the students name
  3. Click on Preview

This will open a pop-up window that shows the Grades view for this student, considering the settings of the course.


Now you know the recommended Grade Book Settings in Brightspace!


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