How to copy a course with Rubric

A course that needs to be copied and uses Rubrics can be copied in Brightspace as well.

This article will explain:

  • How to copy a course rubric for the Course copy process

It is not possible to copy locked rubrics from the source course to the target course. (Locked rubrics are rubrics associated with assignments that have already been used to grade an assignment). This is why you have to create a copy of the specific rubric in the source course first.

Navigate to the course where the Rubric you want to copy is located. Then,

1. From the green navigation bar of the source course, click on Course Tools and then

2. Click on Course Admin

1.Course Tools, 2.Course Admin

3. From the Course Administration homepage, under section Assessment click Rubrics

The Rubrics homepage opens and all available rubrics will be listed in a table.

Rubrics associated with an assignment will have a Lock icon.

4. Click on the arrow next to the rubric to open the quickmenu

5. From the quickmenu, click on Copy

A non-locked copy of the Rubric is now created. Copy all rubrics that need to be available in the course copy target. Continue with the steps for Performing a Course Copy.

You now know how to copy a course rubric in Brightspace!

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