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YuJa | How to add multiple YuJa videos as a playlist to Brightspace

This article explains how to add Yuja videos as a playlist in your Content within a (sub)module. You can include up to 12 videos in one single playlist.

How to add a YuJa video playlist to a (sub)module

To add multiple videos as a playlist to your course, in the green navigation bar:

  1. Click on Content
  2. Select the (sub)module where the videos need to be added 
  3. Click on Existing Activities

A drop-down menu will appear, scroll all the way down

  1. Click on YuJa Media Chooser 
YuJa Media Chooser

You will be redirected to the Media Chooser pop-up window, where you can choose the videos you want to add.

You can use the Search bar to look for the video. To know more about How to search videos in the YuJa Media Chooser you find more information in the linked article.

  1. (Optional) Click on the More filter icon to get a more specific search if you get multiple results when you search for a video
  2. Select your videos  

You can select a video, then search for a new video, and the previously selected video will stay selected and added to the playlist.

The order in which you select the videos in the Media Chooser, will decide the order in the playlist.

  1. Click Insert Content
Media chooser

The videos will be placed together in the (sub)module as a playlist.

You can now adjust the title of the new YuJa playlist.

  1. Click on the downward arrow close to the title
  2. Click on Edit Properties in Place
Edit Properties in Place

The view will change. You are now in the Edit Properties in Place mode.

  1. Click on the title
  2. Write your new title
Write title

To exit the Edit properties in Place mode reload the Brightspace page. 

You now know how to add multiple YuJa videos as a playlist to your Brightspace course!