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Rubrics | How to associate a rubric with an Assignment

Once a rubric has been created, it can be associated with an existing assignment. Then users will be able to provide assignment peer-grading and/or feedback to student submissions according to the rubric.

This article shows how to:

Be aware that editing will no longer be possible when a Rubric is associated with an Assignment from that moment. To make changes within the Rubric it needs to be de-associated from the Assignment and then associated back to the Assignment

Rubrics can be copied

Associating a Rubric with an Assignment

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar,

  1. Click on  Assessment, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Assignments 
navigate to assignments. Click on Assessment and the assignments.

This will open the Assignments homepage,

  1. Click on the downward arrow next to the name of the Assignment the Rubric needs to be associated with, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Edit Assignment
Next to the Assignment, click on the downward arrow, a drop-down menu will appear, click on Edit Assignment

This will open the Assignment homepage,

  1. Click on Evaluation & Feedback
Click on Evaluation & Feedback

This will open more options,

  1. Click on Add Rubric, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Add Existing 

For more information on how to Create a New Rubric, please visit: How to create a rubric

Evaluation and Feedback, click on Add Rubrics a drop-down menu will open

The pop-up window Add Existing will open,

  1. Select the Rubric that needs to be associated with the Assignment
  2. Click on Add Selected 
A pop-up window will open, select the rubric that needs to be associated to the Assignment, then click on Add Selected

The pop-up window will close, the selected Rubric will appear,

  1. Click on Save and Close 
The selected Rubric will appear, click on Save and Close


You now know how to associate an Existing Rubric to an Assignment in Brightspace!

Want to know more about Rubrics in Brightspace?

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