How to set restrictions in Content

Restrictions can be used to limit access of students to an item in the Content of a course. For example, by setting a start and/or end date, or by having the requirement of having completed another part of the course first.

This manual will show how to:

Navigating to content

To attach restrictions to content topics, first, navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar;

1. Click on Content 

navigate to Content

Edit properties in Content

2. Click on the (sub)module the topic is placed

3. Click on the arrow beside the name of the file you want

4. In the drop-down menu, click on Edit Properties In-place

navigate to Edit Properties In-place

Add Restrictions to a topic

This action will allow the modification of different properties of the item in the Content. From the properties that appear

5. Click on Add dates and restrictions...

Add dates and Content

More options will now become visible below the topic

6. Add a Start, a Due or an End Date to your file

7. In order to create a new Release Conditions, click on the Create button


If you have already created a Condition that you want to add, click on Browse

8. Click Update to save all the modifications

Set restrictions ro content items

The restrictions are now linked to the Content topic.

Restrictions lined to topic

You now know how to set restrictions to items in Content in Brightspace!