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Quizzes are assessments which can automatically be graded by and/or in Brightspace. They allow for a variety of question types and media, can generate detailed statistics and reports, which enables targeted feedback.

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It is recommended to create all questions in the Question Library before making a quiz. This makes it easier to re-use and/or import questions in a quiz.

How to access Quizzes

Navigate to your course page. Then,

  1. Click Assessment in the green navigation bar
  2. From the drop-down menu click Quizzes
Navigate to quiz

About Quizzes homepage

You will land on the homepage for Quizzes with an overview of all current quizzes.

Quiz page

At the top of the page there are three tabs:

  1. Manage Quizzes (default view) - this is used to give an overview of all Quizzes in a course
  2. Question Library - this contains the different question-sets within the course
  3. Statistics - shows statistics on the quizzes such as average score

On the Manage Quizzes page you will see a table with the list of created quizzes and buttons to create new or manage the existing quizzes.

Manage quiz
1. New Quiz

Allows you to create a new quiz.

For more information visit: Quizzes | How to create a Quiz

2. Edit Categories

Through this button you can manage the created quiz categories. You can reorder the categories, add a new, or delete an unwanted one. It will not delete the quizzes in the category.

3. More Actions

This button appears once you create a quiz. The actions available to perform on existing quizzes are:  

  • Reorder - select if you want to change the order of the Quizzes in the view
  • Make Visible to Users
  • Hide from Users
  • Delete
  • Restore - select if you want to restore deleted Quizzes
4. Bulk Edit

You can edit more quizzes at once by using the function Bulk Edit above the table with the list of quizzes. You can edit in bulk the following: quiz name, quiz category, visibility to users,  users attempts allowed on a quiz.

To edit quizzes in bulk you will have to:

  1. First select the quizzes by clicking the Selectboxes before their names
  2. Then click Bulk Edit
5. View by Category or Availability

You can choose whether you wish to view the existing quizzes by Category (if existing) or Availability:

  1. Select By Category or By Availability
  2. Click the button Apply

About Quizzes table overview & Quick menu

Created quizzes will appear in a table with three columns:

  • the selectBox column,
  • the Quiz Name column, and the
  • column with number of published feedbacks

If you make use of categories these will be indicated by row highlight in blue colour.

Quiz Quickmenu

The Quickmenu is often preferred to make quick changes.

To manage a specific quiz click the arrow next to the name of the quiz to unfold the drop-down menu:

Quick menu

To edit the quiz settings or questions

Hide from Users

To hide the quiz from students


To preview the quiz, including taking the quiz as a student without interfering with the attempts or submission log of the quizzes.

For more information please visit: Quizzes | How to preview a Quiz


To delete the specific quiz.


To grade the quiz or to publish feedback on a quiz to students.

Set up Reports / View Reports

You can view and export quiz reports to a CSV or Microsoft Excel file for data analysis. The file contains all applicable information from the quiz so that you can query, sort, and evaluate the data without being connected to the learning management system. You must set up quiz reports in the Reports Setup tab for the appropriate quiz before you can view or export reports.

For more information please visit: Quizzes | Set up Quiz reports


To navigate to the statistics page where you can view the data based on User Stats or Question Stats, or view the statistics on Question details.

The statistics can be exported to a .csv file or Excel.

Attempt Logs

To view the log for students' attempts on a quiz sorted by Quiz Entry, Quiz Completion, Quiz Attempt Deleted, and Quiz Attempt Restored.


Now you know how to use Quizzes in Brightspace!


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